A ‘Model United Nations’ (MUN) is a student conference, which, in the case of MOSTIMUN, lasts 4 days, and simulates the work of different UN committees.

You will take on the roles of a member state diplomat and, for the duration of the conference, you will represent the positions of your country consistently with its official policies.

In the interest of making the simulation realistic and credible, for the duration of the conference, you will have to set aside your personal views on an issue, and to adopt the stance and attitudes of the country your are representing.

In seeking to give a faithful and accurate representation of your country and its interests, it is essential that you research, previous to the conference, both your committee’s topic of discussion and the wider issues it raises, as well as your country’s policy-position on these questions.

In your committee, you will engage in debate on the topic on the agenda.
The ultimate objective of every committee is to pass resolutions that are both broad and comprehensive enough to provide an adequate solution to the questions at hand, while at the same time being acceptable to as many member states as possible.
Those resolutions passed in committees will then be further discussed in the plenary General Assembly on the final day of the conference, and must be passed with a two-thirds majority.

Through preparation for the conference and later during the work in the committees, you will gain the following:
• Research skills;
• Organizational skills;
• Knowledge of international issues and conflicts;
• Understanding of national interests;
• Negotiations and debate abilities;
• Conflict resolution skills;
• Leadership skills;
• Public speaking/ rhetoric skills;
• English proficiency;
• Interact with people from various backgrounds;
• Make international friendships.

Besides daily workshops, you will also be offered rich cultural and entertaining programs in the evenings, which will give you the opportunity to learn about the local culture while giving you the opportunity to meet other participants in a more relax atmosphere