Dear all,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you on the behalf of the media team of MOSTIMUN 2010. The international students conference of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina has proven to be one of the greatest conferences on the MUN map, offering to its participants not only discussions on actual international issues and great time spent together with people from all over the world, but also a pure cultural experience and interaction in the city of Mostar, witness of centuries of history and unique mixture of cultures and religions.

After its remarkable first edition in the spring of 2009, the MOSTIMUN conference is now an event that is simultaneously a platform for appearance of many gifted young diplomats from various backgrounds, and gives birth to lots of new talents in the world of the international relations and the media. It also offers to all its participants the possibility to develop knowledge through meetings with active actors on the international scene on a place where peace, dialogue, negotiation and diplomacy are not just terms of the UN vocabulary, but words with real and sensitive meaning.

In such environment, the importance of the media increases and makes the journalist work significantly more interesting and challenging. International politics have always been ranked top in the journalist interests. This is why the MOSTIMUN media is a unique possibility for anyone who eager to have realistic insight into the international journalism and the media influence over the global affairs. The MOSTIMUN media team of 2010 will have the great opportunity to not only be the information center for all happenings during the second edition of the conference, but will also face the challenge to be actual, constructive, creative, critical. This is what makes it a remarkable combination of personal development, great time and responsibility. Therefore, the MOSTIMUN media is the place where all of you wishing to be active as journalist and interested in the media field can express. You will represent the strong voice of the media in the modern world. What you will write constitutes the principal source of information on the developments within the workshops at the delegate’s disposal. It fundamentally influences their decision-taking during the negotiations and the sessions. And it is also the possibility of deepening your knowledge in journalism and a specific area of the international relations, the opportunity of meeting over 100 people from around the world sharing your passion for world affairs.

Having the great honor and responsibility to obtain the position of editor-in-chief at MOSTIMUN 2010, I can assure you that this significant journalistic experience will be memorable for us all and will be based on the fundamental pillars of any good media – freedom of speech, teamwork, quality and involvement.I look forward to meet you all in Mostar in April.


Paola Ivanova
Editor-in-chief MOSTIMUN 2010

If you wish to be the part of a journalist team, you can apply for the following media:

– Euronews, pan European
– People’s Daily (China)
– Le Monde Diplomatique (France)
– Al Arabiya (Dubai, OAE)
– FENA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)